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Our range of programs and tuition services.

Early Learning Programs

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Holiday Programs

Education 121 is a unique child friendly learning centre. Our warm and caring staff offer a breadth of services and diversity of learning areas for a broad range of learners.

Our focus is 'targeted teaching'. We look for what learners can do - then work from there to build their knowledge and skills - we work from a growth perspective.

At Education 121 you can rest assured that your child will be cared for in a warm, welcoming and friendly environment so that he or she will experience a great program of fun and learning that is specifically designed to meet their particular needs.

Our learning centre is largely "unplugged" that means we value technology but don't use computers as tutors.

We understand the importance of developing current 21st century learning skills and believe people help other people to learn. So we put people first, that is why our learners stand out.

Call us or drop into our full time Centre to talk to us, and see for yourself why we are different and what we can offer you and your child!